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Fresh Salsa Salsa de Rosa Awards

Not only did Salsa de Rosa win the 2006 America's Best Food Competition, but we also won the People's Choice Award for best fresh salsa during the show!!
We entered the 2006 Scovie Awards at the Fiery Foods and BBQ show. And guess what? Well, we did it AGAIN! Our Hot captured a First Place in the Fresh salsa, Hot category and our Extreme Heat placed Second in the Fresh salsa, Habanero category!! Man, do we make a GREAT salsa or what?!

The America’s Zesty Best Food Competition was held at the Orange County Fair Grounds in southern California on Friday, June 17th, 2005. This contest was the largest spicy food competition in the USA drawing more than 750 entries from across the country, all competing to be called America’s Zesty Best.
Well, we did it again!!  Salsa de Rosa dominated the "Fresh salsa, Hot" category by winning
  • both 1st (our Extreme Heat) and 2nd (our Hot) in the category
  • our Medium took 3rd in the "Fresh salsa, Medium" category.

How cool is that? Or should we say "HOT"??


What's a Scovie Award you ask? Well, in the "hot sauce" world a Scovie Award is likened to an "Oscar" for the Hollywood set.

Each year Sunbelt Shows puts on a "best of" tasting contest for amateurs and professionals. Several categories are open to contestants, depending upon what type of product they have. This year's Fiery Foods National salsa tasting contest was held on October 6th, 2003 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the "Fresh Salsa" category there are THREE types: Mild/Medium, Hot and Habanero.

Our Mild/Medium salsa placed 3rd and our World Famous "Extreme Heat" placed 2nd in the Habanero category!!

Two out of three is AWESOME and we're ELATED! 
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!!

Read what Nick from wrote about us! WOW!!

Providing excellent customer service is only part of what we do. Read what Jim Carson, Seattle author and blogger, wrote about us! We're identified as "Case #2".

And here's what he said about our products!!

Check out what J. Scott Wilson, the Food Editor for Click 2 in Houston, Texas has to say about Salsa de Rosa.

SALSA DE ROSA (from the Seattle Weekly 12/10/03)

Redmond may seem an unlikely breeding ground for great salsa, but one bite of Salsa de Rosa's fiery product should put any doubt to rest. Made spicy and chunky from fresh tomato, tomatillo, onion, jalapeño, and cilantro, it lives up to its tag line: "A fiesta on a chip." The small, family-run operation makes its salsa in mild, medium, hot, or—for the iron-tongued—extra hot "Extreme Heat". All are fine dips, and the medium salsa is great for cooking, too. The salsas are fresh, not the cooked and preserved kind, so they need to stay refrigerated and should be eaten in a relatively short period of time. That shouldn't be a problem. K.M.

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