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Salsa de Rosa Fresh Salsa Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The lid leaks after opening, what gives? A: Press down on the corners! Listen for the snap or click. It seals perfectly.

Q: Who the heck is Mike Whitlock? A: He came up with "a fiesta on a chip" and he's a great customer! We've since Registered it as our Trademarked tag line!

Q: Are you only in the Northwest? A: Currently yes. We have plans to move south, and then take over the world.

Q: Is the new container recyclable? A: YES! Not only is it recyclable, it's re-usable! It's also dishwasher and microwave safe. Perfect for leftovers and snacks.

Q: Were your children born in a salsa vat? A: Only one. We have two.



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Who the heck is Mike Whitlock?

Why should I pay more for your salsa?

What if we can't find your salsa in a store by us, what shall we do?

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How much salt is there?

How long will the salsa last?

Will it spoil if I leave it out?

Is your container recyclable?

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