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Safeway Announcement
By: Steven ~ 4/18/2014

A Note from the owners, Steven and Ro(sa):

We've got some terrific news!

If you're local to the Western Washington region, you'll be as thrilled as we are to know that you can soon find Salsa de Rosa in your nearest Safeway!! That's right! Very quickly, you'll be able to find Salsa de Rosa in your friendly neighborhood Safeway! Look for us in the Produce Section. This is another huge milestone for Salsa de Rosa and we're delighted to share the news with all our loyal fans!

-Steven and Ro



Barbequed Steak Marinade
By: Erik ~ 10/29/2012

Ingredients you will need:

  • 2 steaks of your choice
  • 16oz of Salsa de Rosa
  • Ziploc bag


  1. Place steaks and Salsa de Rosa in Ziploc bag
  2. Shake well
  3. Let sit in refrigerator for 2-6 hours (the longer the better)
  4. Remove and barbeque to desired wellness