Free Breakfast! Sunday 1/20

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Free Breakfast! Sunday 1/20
By: Morgan Bryar ~ 1/14/2019

*Free Breakfast! Sunday 1/20*


Salsa de Rosa hosts a Breakfast Burrito Sunday providing all supplies and food. Breakfast is FREE and is this Sunday, 1/20/19; event times are 8am/10am/12pm. Donations are encouraged and 100% of proceeds are donated to the "New Bethlehem Project". We raised $1,400 at the last Burrito Event. Our goal is to raise $2,000 dollars for the center! Please join our event, meet new people in your community and enjoy a delicious breakfast. The Salsa de Rosa family will all be there. Come say, "Hi"!



Holy Family Kirkland (Café)

7045 120th Ave NE

*Event times are 8am/10am/12pm*


Please email Morgan ( if you have any questions