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Fresh Salsa Comparisons

Salsa de Rosa fresh salsa uses only fresh fruits and vegetables; whereas, jarred salsas may start with fresh ingredients, but as soon as they cook it much of the flavor and nearly all the texture is lost.

So this page is dedicated to comparing our salsa to other local products that claim to be fresh.

Let's define the ground rules first. After asking a number of customers what's important to them, we've arrived at a set of four critical categories.

  • Flavor
  • Freshness
  • Preservatives (whether they're actually used or not)
  • Ingredients (hey, what's in this stuff anyway?)

Not only do these salsa's all share similar flavor, but they also use similar containers, too! Our container is rectangular, which uses shelf space more efficiently, plus it's easier to stack and open. It's re-usable, recyclable and both dishwasher and microwave safe! It's great for leftovers and snacks!

So what sets Salsa de Rosa apart from all these salsas? Well, first we use tomatillos in our salsa; whereas NONE of these salsas do.

So what difference do the tomatillos make? If you haven't tried Salsa de Rosa yet, then do yourself a favor and see for yourself. It's a HUGE difference.

Next we have the perfect balance of each ingredient in our salsa - not too much or too little of any single ingredient. You wouldn't believe how many people that "HATE" cilantro like Salsa de Rosa. 'Nuf' said.

We wasted some of our hard earned money on the other brands, just so we can take pictures of them and describe the differences. But don't take OUR word for it, go waste some of your OWN money and compare for yourself.

We're very proud of our salsa and we think you will be too.

Do you have another salsa you'd like us to compare?

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