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dedicRow dedicRow

dedicRow dedicRow

Hey, I'm sitting here eating this GREAT salsa and I just HAD to call you and tell you what a GREAT salsa this is!! I mean, it's f@#kin' GREAT, FABULOUS!! This salsa is unbelievable, seriously, it's the BEST salsa I've ever had! I just wanted to you to know. It's f@#king AWESOME!!
Phone Message

Being ex-military, I've traveled the world trying Mexican food and salsa. I have to say that yours is the BEST I've ever had!
Peter Maffei

I lived in Taos 27 years and my wife was born in Santa Fe and lived in NM all of her life. We now live in Washington state and your salsa reminds us of our favorite New Mexican restaurants. Your Habenero salsa kicks ass!
Ben and Shelly 

As a lifelong Texan who grew up in San Antonio (hispanic population over 400,000), I scoffed at the idea of a Washington salsa. I was pleasantly surprised with your sampler. I would rate yours among the top 2 or 3 I've ever had (I'm 46 years old) and the best "store bought". Keep up the great work.
Jeff Wythe

Found you on the net through the scovie awards, ordered a sampler pack and all the samples were just great; the medium heat salsa was just perfect for me. Great products, will be ordering more soon. Thanks, Jeff Cannon
jeff cannon

My whole family is absolutely in love with your salsa! A friend of mine doesn't even bother with chips. She eats it like salad.
Carol Underwood

I was going to write and tell you that your salsa is the best I've ever had, but unlike your salsa, your "comparisons" page left a bad taste in my mouth. Stick to making great salsa, not bad judgments. -Thanks for those comments Ali. We've 'toned' down our Comparison Page, as a result!
Ali Ogle

The mild salsa is great on top of white fish, mac and cheese, and plain old scrambled eggs! Thanks for a great product!
Sandra Finn Whitney

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