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Yonqkep Yonqkep

JosiExalp JosiExalp

JosiExalp JosiExalp

In this world we usually contact companies to complain. This is not one of those messages. I just want to say that I stumbled upon your salsa and immediately fell in love with its freshness and delicious taste. Keep doing what you;re doing!!! Thank you for making the best salsa EVER!!
Karen ALLen

Just wanted to express my appreciation to you that your Salsa's are the best. I love the mild red salsa and eat it with chips quite often at work. What's so fabulous is the fact all the ingredients are natural and it's just so delicious.
Mikki Lewis

I just wanted to let you know that Carrs/Safeway in Anchorage, AK stocks your salsa. I drive to the one store who always has it in stock - across town! This is the best salsa and I go through two containers per week. SO GOOD!!
Amy Frackman

Just wanted to say I found Salsa Rosa at my local Safeway's in Seattle. Costs twice as much as the house brand fresh salsa... and I won't make tortilla soup without it anymore. It's just too good, too fresh, and too convenient. And your hot salsa is actually hot-- thank you so much. :)
Laszlo Toth

I am only writing to tell you how much I absolutely love your salsa and am so glad I discovered it! I have never liked packaged salsa this much before. Kudos to you all and a big thank you!
Jodi Itman

Just wanted to let you know, purchased your salsa at Safeway yesterday, having never tried nor seen it anywhere before. Love it. Now I can tell my co-worker I no longer need to buy her home made salsa as I found one a lot like hers that I like just as much. Thank you!! I love the straight forward ingredients that are small and uniform in size, your salsa stands out because of this, so please don't change!
Amy Witt

I love this Salsa! It is the best I have ever bought. I am going out today to buy the green too. Thank you for making such a wonderful product - delish.
Denise Thomas

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