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"It would be very helpful if you would follow the lead of Safeway and QFC and display your weekly specials on your website." - Customer
Gordon Gray

"Don't pass judgement on other salsa companies!! It may come back to haunt you later. Remember everyone has different tastes. That's what make us unique ... Remember don't get cocky!! ... These company's you have bashed have helped me in the past. I know, I own a Salsa company! ... Don't bash others!! I did, and it did not work!! It only made me look bad!! Good Luck." - Penny's Salsa
Eric Hagee

"Thanks for sharing your salsa with the rest of us. It's the best salsa I have had. Hands down." - Customer
Sunniva Zaratkiewicz

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for -- quite honestly -- the greatest salsa to grace this earth. I don't throw compliments like this around just anywhere ... you can ask my wife." - Jacob Young, Customer
Jacob Young

"WOW, my children loved it - I was informed that other salsa will not do, this is the best ever. My husband and I really enjoyed it too." - Customer
Jeanne Flohr

"We love your salsa! We first bought it at Market Time Foods in Seattle and have been trying to find it in Bellingham since then. We were pleasantly surprised to find it this morning at the Bellingham Food Co-op!! Yippee! Our breakfast burritos were super tasty this morning thanks to your salsa!!! - Customer
Jen & Connie 

"We love your salsa so much that we buy three containers at a time. I have honestly bought Houghton Market out a few times. If you look in my fridge I am a true condiment queen, but nothing compares to the three containers stacked on top of each other ... I would have to say that "fiesta on a chip" doesn't do the salsa justice ... more like 'best damn salsa ever' would be a better motto. I think that my husband and I are addicted. Thanks for the great product." - Customer
Sara & Martin Sehlin

"The best salsa I have ever had. I am a salsa freak, always trying to find a better one. Well you have done it and I thank you." - Joseph R., Customer
Joseph Radoslovich

"Y'all are doing a fantastic job - it's the best salsa I've had outside of my hometown of Austin, TX - and I've tried my fair share." - Jenny Richards, Customer
Jenny Richards

"Your salsa is truly the freshest product I've tasted from the grocery store... I will definitely buy this product again, the consistency is perfect." - Pauline Z., Customer
Pauline Zealey

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A fresh salsa made from a Mexican salsa recipe, Salsa de Rosa has been flooding the Northwest with its great products for years. There's nothing better than fresh salsa made from a homemade salsa recipe that you don't have to do yourself!! Let Salsa de Rosa be your personal gourmet salsa maker!