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Salsa de Rosa Products

All our red salsas have a unique blend of tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, tomatillo and jalapeno. The precise combination of FRESH ingredients creates a flavor blast that is second to none. No single ingredient overpowers another, which results in Salsa de Rosa's mouth watering, addictive quality that means you can't stop eating it.

Our Mild is mild enough for a child and that's why we've nicknamed it "la nina".

Our most popular flavor, Medium, is a bit warmer but it's still pretty mild. The heat level is meant for the masses and old ladies alas the nickname "la vieja".

Hot is pretty hot, especially for folks here in the wimpy Northwest where granola and tree bark are the order of the day. We use a lot more jalapeno and a hint of habenero to achieve the consistent heat level. It's my personal favorite and the one we call "el Hombre" or "the man".

If you like to really feel the heat, then Extreme Heat is for you! Not only do we add a significant amount of jalapeno but we don't spare the habanero, either. It's what I like to call "a giant step in front of our Hot". We don't call it (el bombero) "the fireman" for nothing.

Our Verde is about a medium heat level but has a completely distinct flavor difference without the tomatoes. It's definately worth trying!


Salsa de Rosa Products
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