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Extreme Heat Salsa 48 oz
Extreme Heat Salsa 48 oz
Extreme Heat Salsa 48 oz

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First Place Winner at the 2005 America's Zesty Best Food Competition AND Second Place Winner at the Fiery Foods and BBQ Contest!!

Zesty Best Food  ../images/AWARDS_sc2006winner2.jpg

If you like to feel beads of sweat form on your nose and forehead, or if you like to puff like a chimney when you eat salsa, then EXTREME HEAT is for you!  

This habenero-based salsa has that lasting burn for those who like it really hot!


**Our products are made of fresh ingrediants and must be refrigerated as soon as recieved in the mail. We provide a cold pack to keep it cool but it is normal to arrive warm. Don't worry it is still good, immediately place in refrigerator for 3 hours before opening. **

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This Rocks!
"Your salsa ROCKS! It is hands-down the BEST salsa I have ever had." - Wendy, Customer
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Award Winning Salsa!
48oz Extreme Heat Salsa.
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